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Wordly - Günlük Kelime Bulmaca Meydan Okuması - Ücretsiz İndir

Oldukça güzel grafiklere sahip bulmaca oyunu sayesinde rakiplerinizle yarışırken çok eğleniceksiniz. Sizde bu eğlenceli oyunu denemek isterseniz, ücretsiz olarak indirerek hemen başlayabilirsiniz.

Crosswordly is a fun and engaging crossword game that combines classic crosswords and the viral game Wordle. The game is designed to make you guess and win by solving a unique competition every day. With entertaining mini-clues, you can quiz yourself and crack the puzzle while connecting common letters. The game takes you to an entirely new way of entertainment with crosswords where you solve a Wordle to crack a word.

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The game features a square grid with black and white squares, where the aim is to fill the white squares with the correct letters. A correct letter in the correct place will turn the tile green, and a wrong letter which is not in the word will turn the tile grey, and a correct letter in an incorrect space will turn the tile yellow. Crosswordly provides hints and retries to help you when you get stuck. Additionally, the game is all-device-friendly, and you can share your progress with friends and win collectible coins for each wordly you solve.

Overall, Crosswordly is a fast casual original word puzzle that can keep you engaged for hours. The game has archives where you can play older puzzles, ensuring you never miss out on your daily Crosswordly. So, put your thinking and studying to use while mastering the game and having fun.

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