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Android Collection Of Tutorials And Books The Ultimate Collection 65 Ebooks 200 Video Tuts

A top collection of video courses curated from the 150,000+ found on and powered by Udemy for Business. Users have access to relevant skills-training to help them achieve success at work and in life.

Android Collection of Tutorials and Books The Ultimate Collection 65 Ebooks 200 Video Tuts

Offering a large collection of online learning resources, Envato Tuts+ helps people learn new skills by providing numerous how-to tutorials, video-based courses, article-based guides, and eBooks. It covers various topics, such as code, web design, and business.

Also known as the official Git website, offers written tutorials as part of its documentation, covering general to specific usage. In addition, the site offers introductory videos for learners to watch and a free eBook titled Pro Git. It also recommends other learning resources, including links to other Git tutorials, websites, videos, books, and courses.

Hulu used Backbone.js to build its next generation online video experience. With Backbone as a foundation, the web interface was rewritten from scratch so that all page content can be loaded dynamically with smooth transitions as you navigate. Backbone makes it easy to move through the app quickly without the reloading of scripts and embedded videos, while also offering models and collections for additional data manipulation support. 076b4e4f54


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