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Episode 01: Just Add Halloween


In order to see what Chuck is up to, Kelly, Hannah, Darbie and The OC's need to do a Miso-Person's Soup spell but it requires a grunde fingerroot which can only be harvested on Halloween. They come up with a plan to cook the Pick-A-Date Dates spell to travel back to the past halloween and get the grunde root from Ms. Silvers' garden. Back in the past, the girls put on halloween costumes to avoid being recognized by their past selves. After finding that the grunde root has already been stolen by Mama P., they sneak into Mama P's halloween party to steal it from her pantry. Accidentally, they put it in past Hannah's bag. Hannah admits to her friends that she had been invited to Charlotte's party last year without them. The girls follow past Hannah there and steal it back, before traveling back to the present.

The following is an episode list for the Australian television show H2O: Just Add Water, which first aired on Network Ten in Australia and has since been broadcast in more than 120 countries worldwide. Series one premiered in Australia on 7 July 2006 and series two began there on 28 September 2007. The third series premiered in the United Kingdom on 26 October 2009 while its Australian premiere occurred on 22 May 2010.

Rikki and Cleo are about to face their final year of high school without Emma, who has gone travelling with her family. The JuiceNet cafe has now closed down and is just a vacant building on the coastline until Zane buys it and persuades Rikki to reopen it with him, renaming the cafe Rikki's in honour of her. At the cafe's opening night, Cleo and Rikki meets Bella Hartley, a new girl in town who does Rikki a favour by singing for her in Nate's band. That same night, free-diver Will discovers the Moon Pool and witnesses the full moon's effect on it. A strange creature made entirely of water forms and attacks Will. It then races to the cafe and kidnaps Rikki, dragging her back to Mako Island. To Cleo's horror, this all happens in front of Bella, but she has no choice but to dive in and rescue Rikki. However, Bella dives in after her, revealing that she is also a mermaid. Together, Cleo and Bella rescue Rikki from the water tentacle. Bella befriends Rikki and Cleo and the new trio is determined to find out what caused water to turn against them.

Will's ruthless sister, Sophie, is training him to be a professional free-diver, only he'd rather spend time swimming with Bella. Irritated, Sophie tells Bella to stay away from Will, as she sees her as a distraction for him, but Bella doesn't listen. While watching Will train in a public pool, Bella dives in to help him with his swimming technique... just as Sophie turns up. Although Will manages to hide her, Bella is still worried, not about Sophie, but about Will. She thinks he only likes the mermaid side of her. Meanwhile, Rikki comes up with a brilliant idea to hold corporate events at the cafe, but after Zane makes a mistake with the booking, the cafe is overrun by a wild children's party.

In 1965, Rebecca Quinn (Kelly's grandmother) is on the Ferris Wheel with Chuck. He takes a bite of a candy apple and disappears. The three girls argue. Gina Silvers says the spell was just supposed to keep Chuck away from magic. Ida Perez (Mama P) asks if Rebecca got the Morbium seed back, saying that Chuck stole it. Rebecca promises Gina that they will get Chuck back.

Jen: As far as I can tell, Moira, Tate and the (presumably) alive Constance all want to keep the Harmons in the house. But Larry and Chad want them gone, or at least want to harass them. And Hayden just wants to get Ben back. If the house has brought the Harmons there for some purpose, what is that purpose and how do the ghosts fit into that?

The sudden appearance of the real Al, towards the end of the episode confirms as much and ignites a dramatic finale that sees Sam and Beelzebub square off, spinning round and round in mid-air until Sam is thrown into the wall, waking up back where he was at the start of t