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Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat were rebranded to Google Meet and Google Chat in April 2020. We announced in 2019 that we would be migrating all classic Hangouts users to the new Meet and Chat products. In order to provide enterprise-grade online video conferencing to everyone, we announced a no-cost version of Google Meet in May 2020.

An Nie Ern X D E Sch M rar

Anyone with a Google Account can create a video meeting, invite up to 100 participants, and meet for up to 60 minutes per meeting at no cost. For additional features such as international dial-in numbers, meeting recording, live streaming, and administrative controls, see plans and pricing for organizations.

Our products, including Google Meet, regularly undergo independent verification of their security, privacy, and compliance controls, achieving certifications, attestations of compliance, or audit reports against standards around the world. Our global list of certifications and attestations can be found here.

IT administrators control Google Workspace settings, such as whether Google Meet is the default video conferencing solution in Google Calendar. Visit the Google Workspace Admin Help Center to learn how to activate Google Meet in your organization.

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Demokratischer Fachschaftsmitglieder (ADF) sees itself as an independent university group that, far away from general political ideals, primarily pursues one mission: the sustainable improvement of study conditions for students at the University of Göttingen. In doing so, our main focus is on the service from which you can all benefit. With your vote for the ADF, you confirm this purely university-political understanding and, in addition, commit yourselves to achieving the following goals.

We want to improve the study conditions for you - for this we need your vote! From 18.01. to 25.01.2021 you have the opportunity to do so in the university elections. Student representatives will be elected for the university's collegial bodies, the senate and the faculty councils, as well as for the student parliament and the student councils.

As scientific research and studying are getting increasingly international, we are aware of the meaning of student exchange in Europe and the world. Therefore, we will foster the collaboration with our international partner universities. We aim at strengthening the connections with the student bodies in the U4Society, Enlight and HeKKSaGOn network. For instance, a digital platform might connect students within the networks for studying purposes or extra-curricular activities. Increasing student mobility is crucial for exciting experience in Europe and the world. Additionally, we intend to offer events for international students at our University to get to know the campus and the city of Göttingen.

We - the ADF - stand for service-oriented, independent and efficient work in university politics. We are the only group with a real general representation claim and offer you services and events for all students. With us there is an AStA, which stands up for your interests towards the university, because your interests around the student life are the center of our work.

Your semester fee should benefit all of you. Therefore, we will offer comedy and cinema events, a campus festival for everyone and a Christmas market. Services such as social and legal counseling will be continued. Many of our members also do excellent student council work at the faculties. This is one of the reasons why excellent support for freshmen is so important to us. We want all students to have a successful start to their studies.

With us, there will be a transparent AStA. We will do everything in our power to negotiate fair bus, train and cultural semester tickets, because the semester ticket should offer you a wide range of services at a reasonable price.

We also see a special strength in your commitment. We want to support student groups and student involvement. Therefore, we will offer financial support and promote groups in their projects through initiative funding. An initiative fair serves to get to know the many groups of our university better.

We as the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Demokratischer Fachschaftsmitglieder (ADF) demand less costs due to too many staff and more services and offers for students. The focus should be on quality instead of quantity. Our position is to fill the compulsory departments as well as the establishment of additional departments and a deployment of clerks according to need.

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Demokratischer Fachschaftsmitglieder sees itself as politically independent and equally neutral. At the same time, the ADF sees this as the prerequisite for a university political focus. In the center of our work are the interests of all students and the improvement of the study conditions, as well as their mediation to the presidency and professors.

The institution in which these three status groups are in regular contact with each other is the faculty, the main place of study and teaching. As an association of committed students, the student councils at the various faculties help to shape studies and teaching. Every interested student can participate in this shaping directly. The ADF supports this by offering the student groups a cross-faculty platform that enables the exchange and representation of subject-specific and general student interests in the student parliament and the senate.

We continue to advocate for the strengthening and networking of the departments and student representatives in your faculty. Therefore, we want to improve the knowledge transfer between the faculties with the exchange meeting of the student faculty council members. Workshops on university politics topics will help the student councils to deepen their expertise and get to know each other.

Especially under the stress of exams or the turbulence around your studies, it is important not to lose sight of your inner center and to simply let your soul dangle. After we have already committed ourselves last year and this year to the protection of mental health through the promotion of psychological support services, we now want to create opportunities to find peace in everyday study life.

Therefore, as a working group of democratic student council members, we want to advocate for the creation of more places on campus where people can retreat. There are far too few of these at our university so far, and the few that do exist are completely overrun. Only those who also have the opportunity to simply switch off from time to time will be able to achieve their best results and at the same time continue their studies without being overwhelmed.

Many of the outdated buildings are in urgent need of modernization and renovation. After we already had the sanitary facilities in the ZHG renewed for you this and the previous year, another problem has become very acute especially during the pandemic times: In many rooms, the air conditioning and ventilation systems do not work or work only to a limited extent.

We therefore demand that financial resources intended to increase the quality of studies be used precisely in this area. It can not be that instead of this, prestige projects of individuals are financed at the expense of the student body. In order to guarantee and protect the concentration of the individual just like its health in times of Covid-19, this is indispensable.

Studies and teaching take place on the university campus - also digitally - and there within the faculties. They should be at the forefront of university considerations, and yet the university also uses them as an excuse to justify its prestige project, the "Forum Wissen". This is where interdisciplinary cooperation is supposed to take place and knowledge is supposed to be communicated publicly. What is happening is effectively subsidized advertising by the state, and all that can be seen at the moment is a construction site.

To call this "Gorch Fock" of university policy indirect help for the faculties seems wrong insofar as direct help by reducing the renovation backlog is omitted. Unless the state of Lower Saxony can be called upon to do so.

The University of Göttingen is well-known throughout the nation by its range of subjects and tradition. Maintaining both is not only better advertising; it is equally more prestigious and of greater benefit to both staff and students. Faculties are the flagship of the university and the central place of research and teaching; there can be no better prestige project than their direct promotion.

The end of the pandemic must not mean the end of digitalization! Due to the pandemic, lecturers were now forced to offer their teaching digitally. Digital transmissions, recording of lectures, online tutorials and seminars have become the norm. It seemed impossible for a long time, but now it is our everyday life. That is why we are calling for the preservation of digital teaching offerings even after the end of contact restrictions. Digital offerings allow more flexibility for all learners.

In order for online teaching to provide us all with added didactic value, innovative concepts and methods of implementation are needed. We demand that lecturers are better trained in the use of digital teaching and e-learning modules.

Especially at the beginning of the semester it became clear again: Digital offers do not work without the corresponding infrastructure. Therefore, it is important to continue to promote the services of the GWDG to enable stable, reliable access to data and access to events. In addition, in order to enable digital studies on campus in the future, the expansion of the associated infrastructure on campus must not be missed.

Many of us are familiar with the problem of not using up-to-date technologies (or no technologies at all!) in a course to convey the content. Some content is not well prepared and even in the follow-up leads to more questions than answers. Sometimes you even get the impression the lecturer has no interest in lecturing. 041b061a72


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