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Gta San Andreas Spaceeinstein Mod

Gta San Andreas Spaceeinstein Mod

Gta San Andreas Spaceeinstein Mod

spaceeinstein is an average GTA modder and is currently busy with real life. His work on GTA includes painstakingly documenting old discoveries, rediscovering lost discoveries, and making brand new discoveries. His favorite game to play is GTA IV and his favorite game to modify is GTA: Vice City. He is a major contributor to this website and to Grand Theft Wiki, a GTA wiki where he maintains technical accuracy by using knowledge gathered on this site and at the forums.

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Finally. after a lot of months, I was able to replace some cars in gta san andreas the Xbox version to work properly. these cars are low quality but realistic.. the dff and txd are under 1mb. some cars are made by me. here are the screenshots in the game.

TO DO LIST :-Replace all vehicule in gta san andreas (xbox).-Replace the texture of roads.-Replace textures of building with better ones.-Replace defaults radar.-Replace HUD icons.-Replace menu pictures.. 1e1e36bf2d


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