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FlatOut 4: Total Insanity


For solo racers, Flatout 4's lengthy career mode features 20 tracks in total, all set in classic, well worn Flatout locations like drainage canals, lumberyards, and rocky deserts. It's worth pointing out that half of those tracks are just mirrored versions of themselves (bar a couple of figure 8 tracks) but multiple routes through each and plenty of hidden shortcuts keep things varied enough that you'll hardly notice.

Usually starting at the top of a huge stunt ramp, you put your foot down, use some nitrous oxide to get up to an insane speed, slam on the brakes and watch your guy smash through the windshield and fly off towards whichever minigame setup you have chosen. There are 12 to choose from in total, including golf, long jump, billiards, cup pong, rings of fire, soccer, baseball and curling. The various party games and stunts are a great distraction from the intense racing found in the Career mode, and when put together create an overall varied, great value package. 59ce067264


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