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Utorrent Has Crashed A Crash Dump Fix

I know, I know this has been asked before, but it seems to be, unfortunately, a separate problem every single time. Most topics posted here point at incompatibility as the culprit, but in my case nothing has been changed or installed when utorrent started to crash after less than 20 min after starting. In any case can someone help me identify potential candidates from a HJT and PE logs below? I'd really appreciate it as utorrent just can't be used at all in my computer at the moment.

Utorrent Has Crashed A Crash Dump Fix

Well, I think I was right all along. It's now official, no matter how mysterious it may sound - the torrent I've mentioned in my previous post IS the reason my uTorrent crashes. I know this for a fact because I just used a different (very different) machine with a completely different drive trying to download it, and the same damn thing happened - uTorrent dutifully crashed, giving me the notorious 'uTorrent has crashed. Unable to generate crash dump' message.

And as to a specific torrent possibly causing problems - that proved to be not true since I tried downloading something entirely different in content (but similar in size!), and uTorrent crashed again...

Just after I posted, my uTorrent crashed again. That's it, I'm at loss. Zone Alarm has been shut down for hours, and all this time uTorrent has been downloading one large component out of total of 3 of similar size (27-40 Gb) and was doing fine. What changed? I changed the other two files from 'skip' to 'high priority' to download them as well. uTorrent just vanished withough any messages. It did, however, leave a dump file which I'm posting below. Please, if anyone can tell me from it what the hell's going on with my client, I'd really appreciate it:

DreadWingKnight, it's been only shut down. I restarted uTorrent right after it crashed, but this time I allowed only one out of three files to download, skipping the other two. It's morning now, and the file in question has finished downloading without uTorrent crashing at all. So, I changed 'skip' to 'normal' on the second file; let's see it it downloads as well during today.

this problem started showing up about a month after i installed it and since then i have uninstalled and reinstalled half a dozen times. the error message i get is "utorrent has crashed. unable to generate crash dump". im running vista biz 64-bit SP1

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1 Warning!!! When you remove the old Bittorrent folder from App Data, all of the your past history will go with that folder. So your new install will be like starting over from scratch. Once its installed you might try switching out the new Bittorrent folder for the one in quarantine as an experiment...IF you want to get your old history back. I've never tried any of this, but it seems like it would work. If it doesn't...then you can always leave the quarantined folder back in the APP Data folder and do another install and go back into crashed status and try an think up another solution.

When uTorrent crashes, it generates DMP (dump) files, just like the Windows OS itself. These files aren't displayed in plain text and contain code strings for debugging purposes. The developers of uTorrent have an official process for reporting crashes, which aids them in development of future versions of uTorrent and hel