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It was April 8, 1985, when Todd Hodne was busted. He was at a campground in Ohio about 240 miles north of Columbus, having sex with a 15-year-old girl. He was charged with a count of rape and one count of gross sexual imposition. It was his first arrest, and his would not be his last.

One month later, Hodne was featured on an ABC evening news report, with his name in boldface and with more than a dozen pictures running alongside the short blurb. "The similarities between Hodne and the man who has been kidnapping, raping, and killing young girls in central Pennsylvania is remarkable," ABC Evening News correspondent Eric Donaldson announced. "In fact, the case in Ohio is almost like another classic case in Pennsylvania." Hodne was the 'first true Type II serial rapist' - the 'copycat' killer, notes broadcaster Mike Saint John, who created both cases for an ABC documentary feature.

The Dateline piece focused on the obsessive autograph hound and self-appointed DA who held court at the campground. "Todd Hodne is very much one of this man's type," the reporter proclaimed. "This is a guy who was fascinated by autographs more than anything else.

The similarities are obvious. "What John B. Collins saw so vividly in Todd Hodne, Shana Holbrook saw in the case of a man who went on to his own form of fame," wrote Saint John in his book about the serial killer. "Hodne's son, Trevor, who by all accounts seems to have ended his own life rather than facing a legal and moral responsibility to a young woman the last time he died, summed it up for the rest of the world in 2003: "Daddy was famous, too famous for his own good."

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