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Yerofey Konstantinov

[S1E23] Grandma's Dead

I always loved that 70's show and it's amazing humor, but after rewatching this episode, the way they all treated and reacted to the grandma's death strikes me as odd and compelling. It just feels kinda inappropriate and disrespectfull and opposite of the way the Forman Family's existence and behaviour

[S1E23] Grandma's Dead

Red's mother Bernice has once again managed to make everyone miserable during one of her visits. While driving his grandmother home, Eric lashes out and tells her that it wouldn't kill her to be nice once in a while. Bernice promptly drops dead, leaving Eric to think he killed her. The entire Forman family (including Laurie and Red's brother Marty) comes together for her funeral while Eric gets drunk at a bar with the guys.

Jess tries to get the two of them together since she hasn't realized she still has feelings for Nick herself just yet. Cece doesn't want Jess to know that she really still loves Schmidt, Nick spends the episode talking about a popcorn machine while Jess thinks he's talking about Cece, and Schmidt just wants the spider dead. It's hilarious, and a nice change of pace since so many episodes are devoted to how Schmidt feels about Cece.

Kitty and Eric go to the Hub after a dentist appointment and catch Donna (who's drunk) skipping school with Casey. Neither Bob nor Joanne can exert any authority over Donna, so a frustrated Red intervenes while everyone watches. Meanwhile, Jackie suggests that Kelso kiss another girl so that they can reconcile. And Hyde and Fez try to decide what to do with some dead fish that they stole. 041b061a72


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