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Ar Media Plugin Sketchup 2015 24 !EXCLUSIVE!

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Ar Media Plugin Sketchup 2015 24 !EXCLUSIVE!

The advantages of AR in the performance and mental load of assembly tasks compared with other assisting media have been proven by studies. Researchers have simulated assembly tasks by using building blocks and 3D puzzles in the experiments to study the influences of AR assistance on assembly tasks. Tang et al. (2003) evaluated the validity in the assembly of Duplo building blocks with the assistance of AR. In this study, the assembly error under the use of head-mounted-display (HMD) AR decreased by 82% compared with the assembly error obtained with guidance information displayed on a common computer screen or printed on paper. Hou et al. (2013, 2015) conducted an empirical study on animations in the AR assistance system of the Lego scientific model and for pipeline assembly. Results of both experiments showed that animations in an AR assistance system can shorten the time for accomplishing tasks and reduce assembly errors and overall cognitive loads compared with paper manuals. Moreover, certain operators positively evaluated AR assistance systems. Siltanen et al. (2007) proposed a multimode AR interface for assisting manual assembly. This system provides voice and gesture interfaces for interaction with operators. In the research, the users accomplished a simplified puzzle task with 3D building blocks, and the qualitative data collected by the author reflected the advantages of the AR assistance system.

Immediacy ability and being capable of providing immediate information delivery and feedback; and being user friendly (Hosny et al., 2019; M Yilmaz et al., 2015; Pimmer & Pachler, 2014; Saidin et al., 2016). 153554b96e


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