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Msr100 Magnetic Card Reader Driver Zip

Msr100 Magnetic Card Reader Driver Zip ===>

The MSR100 card reader output data is available on the custom software interface for the IR and GP2D15 port. The encoded data is displayed in the bar graph window, which is viewable through the software interface (GP2D15) or (ir interface) available on the Windows XP installation CD.

The MSR100 device uses the card reader hardware interface developed by the Texas Instruments Inc. The data are encoded on the magnetic strip and the output data format of the MSR100 is in the format of the code $20.

1) Click on CHANGE ADVANCED READER SETTINGS > go to Date Editing tab > Click Enable under Data Edit > select Custom under Date Format > Click New Field > Click on the cr (or the enter). From the Non Printable Character drop down list > Click on ADD > Click on the format options tab > then check what you want for the various settings in the table below, then click on the Add button, then OK.

The Adesso MSR-100 magnetic stripe card reader is used to read and transmit data from any magnetic card that is swiped. It has an excellent Electro--Static discharge and electromagnetic compatible. It is widely used in all different areas such as POS terminals, poster terminals, access monitoring, attendance records etc...

All of the decoded version MiniMag (except the port powered model) & EasyMag card readers are configurable which means the reader output can be reconfigured to meet the application software's expectation. Please refer to the General FAQ to identify the reader that you have first, and then check the table below for the correct manuals & configuration software. 3d9ccd7d82


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