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Overhearing an argument between Will's parents, Lou learns that Will has conceded six months to them before he will visit Dignitas in Switzerland for assisted suicide, as he is unable to accept a disabled life, which is quite different from the active, vivacious lifestyle he lived before the accident. Lou takes it upon herself to change his mind by organizing trips and adventures in an effort to show him that life is still worth living. Meanwhile, Patrick's jealousy regarding the time that Lou spends with Will increases until he and Lou split up.

Me Before You HD

In July 2014, it was announced that the film would be released on 21 August 2015.[19] In May 2015, the film's release date was moved to 3 June 2016.[20] In November 2015, the film's release date was brought forward, to 4 March 2016,[21] before being delayed again in January 2016, to its previous 3 June 2016 release date.[22]

I recently read this book for my bookclub and then news broke about female 29 year old brain cancer patient that has decided to move to Oregon to end her life there. This is such a tough topic, but the book is just impossible to put down, at least it was for me. No other ending would really work, and you figure this out long before the end, but at the same time, you keep reading. I believe it is because you want to see how everyone around Will is handling his decision.

Great question! To me it means that sometimes we have to put ourselves before others. Will in the end had found love and companionship, but he still knew overall that this was not enough for the pain and what he went through daily. He had to set himself free and put his own choice before anyone elses.

I think it had the ending that it should have had. That ending contributed to what a good book it is. Of course, I was hoping he would decide to live. I think it was realistic that he did not. He had no life compared to how he had lived before the accident. Being an invalid and having to be taken care of in every way was not life to him. He was in pain, also. He did not want to tie her down to him. He wanted her to live a better life. He wanted her to learn. In this way , I do not think he was selfish. The book is probably more about her than him ; it is about how he changed her life. Me Before You according to the author is about each of them before knowing the other. In the case of the ending it was how her life was to change so much from before she knew him. I think the ending was powerful to carry the theme of the book.

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