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Alpha Music

Putting Music on the Forefront of Human Evolution

Our Community Built Differently Social Hub Spaces are the perfect place to collaborate on music projects! With our social Hub Spaces, you can connect with a wider range of creators than ever before. Whether you're a solo artist looking for a producer or a band seeking a vocalist, we have the resources to help you get started. So come join us and find your happiness in music collaboration!

We understand how important it is to market your music in a community. That's why we offer a service that helps you focus on creating your music, while we take care of the marketing. We utilize our own content sharing strategies to branch out the audience of your music, maximizing organic reach to ensure that your music reaches the widest audience possible. With our help, you can ensure that your music is heard by the right people.

Leverage Your Support

Leveraging your support for a community can unlock new ways to build. Alpha Music allows you to convert your fans into equity, making them the cornerstone of your success. With Alpha Music, you can build a powerful and dedicated group of supporters who have a vested interest in your success. This type of support can provide you with a reliable source of funding and help you grow your community. Additionally, Alpha Music allows you to reward your fans with exclusive access to your music, discounts, and more. By leveraging your support for a community, you can unlock new ways to build and monetize your success.


List of Features

Below are some of the things you will find in Alpha Music

Collaborative Creation

Collaborate with fans or other artists within Alpha Music's Social Hub Spaces

Crowd Funding

Artists can raise funds using our web3 infrastructure with no marketing or coding experience. 


Our web3 systems allow artists to tokenize their content to utilize in ways never done before.

Virtual Concerts and Events

Curate immersive virtual environments for your audience, using web3, AR, and VR technology.

Cross-Promotion and Partnerships

Spread your music into other platforms, such as gaming, social media, movies, or even other content creative apps. 


Our smart contract-based system ensures artists receive a fair share of revenue generated from their music.

Fan Rewards

Fans and music supporters can be rewarded for listening to music, attending events, or even promoting social media content. 

Token Curated Playlists

Users can create and curate playlists based on their token holdings and reputation within the platform. 

Artist Residencies

Featured Artists are given virtual residencies within the Alpha Music community wherein they may showcase their work, host events, and engage with their fans.

Transparent Analytics

Provides artists with transparent analytics such as streaming data, sales, and engagement.

Decentralized Governance

In Alpha Music, we have established a fair and transparent system of governance to allow the protocol to adapt and grow to meet the needs of our users. 


Utilizing web3 tech, we have curated an environment for artists to offer courses, tutorials, and masterclasses to aspiring musicians. 

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