Community Built Differently

With each other, great things can happen!

It's not just about cannabis. It's about Community; building familiarity between people, and allowing them a space to share their issues, culture, and history.  A community doesn't have to be a geographical location. Neighborhoods, housing projects, and cities are often thought of when imagining a community. The word, however, can be applied to a larger spectrum of individuals who all share a common background, and are not required to be in the same physical location. 

The Cannabis Community contains member from all over the globe, with a plethora of common and unique interests and passions. Community Built Differently aims to bring together everyone with a shared passion for cannabis! 


Our Goal Road Map

Follow Us on Our Journey to Happiness

Stage 1

Finish Community Foundation

We are currently focusing on laying a foundation for our community. This includes finishing the website, forums, and discord server, as well as establishing a social media presence. This time will be used to direct our focus in building thorough relationships and friend groups within our community.

Stage 2

Education and Entertainment

Once everything is set up and ready to go, we want to make our community the best it can be! We plan on coordinating in-person events and get-togethers, online gaming sessions, and provide education on various topics including cannabis!

Stage 3

Open Online Shop

At Cannabis Built Differently, we believe in spreading happiness, and we aim to bring this mindset to our online hopping space. Shoppers will get to experience the highest quality items with fair, honest, and loyal customer service.

Stage 4

Obtain Licensing

After our online headshop is up and running, our goal is to obtain the proper licensing to open up a medical or recreational dispensary. From there we can begin exploring THC Research and Development, and provide our community with a superior cannabis experience.